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Tracked sliding gates run along a track, installed along the opening. The wheels at the base of the track guide the gate. Two wheels are ample to bear the load evenly. Whereas with heavier gates, it is just a matter of using two larger heavy-duty wheels. As long as the track is free from debris, the gate will work efficiently.

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As sliding gates obviously slide across the length of the track, they take up less space, in comparison to a swing gate. This is true because a swing gate requires space to swing open and closed. This can be seen as advantageous for increasing the amount of space available for vehicles to park.

The wide openings are beneficial for industrial or commercial areas, or driveways with an upward slope. In this instance, as long as the metal track is reasonably straight, the sliding gate will do the job. If the slope is over 20mm, then the bottom rail of the gate is raked, to follow the contour of the driveway. This is because it is necessary to fit the "rack" to the bottom rail of the gate, to allow the motor to work properly.  In other words, should the bottom of the gate contact the track whilst opening, the motor may not have enough power to work. This will also put a strain on the motor, causing it to eventually to fail. Most sliding gates only require one motor as opposed to two required for a pair of swing gates.

Sliding gates installed correctly, provide high levels of security. With this in mind, we provide only quality manual or automated sliding gates to our customers. Produced and installed to the highest standards in a variety of sizes, materials and design styles.