A sliding cantilever gate is ideal for areas where there is not enough room for a gate to swing.

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Cantilever Gates

Take advantage in the convenience of having automated gates

A cantilever gate construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing. If constructed properly, with trusses and braces welded in the correct places, the gate will withstand gravity and weather conditions such as strong winds. The gate is supported by rollers that slide in a track, fitted to the bottom of the gate.  In general, no part of the gate comes in contact with the ground directly with any type of wheel. Instead, these slide gates 'cantilever' to close.

This gate is wider than normal sliding gates. This is necessary in order to include a counterbalance section, usually about half the width of the gate opening, to support the gate. With the gate supported on one end, there is no need for a ground track. This is good for areas where the driveway slopes or the ground is uneven and makes it easier to install.  Cantilever gates can often very easily be installed perfectly level.

As there are no wheels on the ground, cantilever gates are generally quieter than traditional floor track systems. In addition to this, the absence of a ground track eliminates any operation error due to ground obstruction.

In order to automate this gate, the motor unit has a drive gear, which engages into a linear rack positioned on the lower inside face of the gate. The motor gear wheel simply drives the gate open and closed.

 Proper design, fabrication, and installation of a cantilever slide gate will reduce friction during operation and prolong the life of a gate operator.