fencing and railings installed correctly will provide high levels of security.

Increase the security of your property with a perimeter fence or railings

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Fencing and railings

Secure your property with fencing and railings

Safeyard Security are professional gate installers providing a high quality, all round service to clients in the London area. We provide fencing and railings with the option to choose a style from the existing range of pre-manufactured railings or fabricate to a design of your choosing.

As the strongest and most hardwearing of all fence materials, steel is our metal of choice. To add to the durability, all joins are welded together instead of screwed in. Although prone to rust, galvanizing the steel with zinc stops corrosion. This additional procedure is easy to do. The end result allows the fencing to withstand the most terrible of weather conditions.

Galvanised steel is perfect for use as a protective barrier, and an excellent choice for keeping out intruders. It has a life expectancy of around 30 years in the countryside and coastal areas. However, in town, it will last around 50 years or more. Furthermore, it is easily installed for residential and industrial applications, or in areas with the need for high levels of security. With this in mind, it is true to say that overall it is well worth the investment.

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