Bi-folding gates are an excellent way to provide security in small areas where there is not enough room for the gates to open or close.

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Bi-Folding Gates

Take advantage in the convenience of having automated gates

Bi-Folding gates are perfect for small areas, taking up only half the space of a regular swing gate. In addition, this space saving design helps to increase the car parking area available. They are particularly suited for properties located on a hill or steep incline, as well as sloping driveways. Another point worth noting is that a bi-folding gate operates much quicker than either a swing or sliding gate. This feature ensures your entrance is open for only the shortest time necessary, giving great security.

Commercial speed gates are ideal for high volumes of traffic. Also for sites with a restricted swing back area, or where tailgating may be an issue. Powered by actuators, the gates close after each vehicle has passed through and open quickly for the next. An equally important fact to remember is that as the two gate leaves fold back to one side, it allows for maximum vehicle entry and the gates are less likely to damage from vehicles.

At Safeyard Security, we supply manual or automatic bi-folding gates. Installed with either trackless fitting, overhead track or a bottom track. Since there are a large number of access control systems available, we would be happy to discuss which would be most suitable. Likewise, with the vast array of safety options on the market today, there is a lot to consider. Including vehicle detector loops, safety photocells, safety edges and ultrasonic sensors.

In order to clarify which of the above is most suitable for your needs. A consultation with one of our team will set you in the right direction. Please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to help.