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Safeyard Security are professional installers that supply a wide range of barriers and bollards in London. All of which are manufactured to the highest standards.  Should you wish to browse through the various pictures above, you will see a guide as to what we have on offer. It's important to know that these pictures only show a small portion of what is available. 

If you require something that you do not see here, by all means, contact us.  The product you are searching for is most likely available to order from one of our stockists. On the other hand, if you are unclear as to which product is most suitable for your particular project, of course, we will be happy to assist you.

In the meanwhile, below is a little information to help.


Are a very reliable and cost-effective means of controlling traffic, as well as for restricting access to out of bound areas. Although well known for their use in car parks, they are also beneficial in other places. Such as industrial estates, residential areas, and private road tracks.

The barrier works in such a way, as to stop vehicles on entry and exit, for the purpose of security checks via CCTV or other means. In fact, they can be easily programmed to suit individual requirements with access controls. The selection includes radio fobs, digital keypads or card readers.


Are another excellent safety measure for blocking access to restricted areas and providing high impact resistance.

Bollards are generally used for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. Public safety - in order to separate pedestrians from vehicles and keep them safe
  2. For businesses and buildings - to help deter against car ramming and intrusion
  3. For vehicles - to prevent damage in areas such as supermarket car parks

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  • Arm barriers
  • hoop barriers
  • crash and impact barriers
  • security turnstiles
  • security gates
  • Fixed and removable steel bollards
  • security and safety bollards
  • telescopic retractable bollards
  • street bollards
  • plastic bollards