5 Tips to Keep Your Automated Security Gate Functional

Automatic security gates are the first line-of-defence in modern homes and offices. They keep out trespassers, make it convenient for permitted entry and exit and help boost the value of the property. However, as one of UK’s prominent electric gate manufacturers, at Safe fix we have noticed that very few customers know how to care for their automated gates. Without proper routine maintenance, customers cannot expect these security investments to live out their full life.

Automatic gates need tuning up, especially in the motor section, Check for developing faults regularly and others. Otherwise, the rest of the gate becomes useless sooner than later. To ensure the automatic gates continue to provide their full set of functionality customers can try the following:

  1. Keep the pathway clear-

The path to your premises can get littered with dirt, debris and wild weeds if not adequately maintained. Vegetation such as moss along with stones and the likes are a massive impediment for automatic gates. They prevent the gates from opening and closing smoothly and eventually lead to a motor malfunction.

  1. Battery tune-up-

At Safefix we regularly advise our customers to check on the battery. The battery can get corroded around the terminals with passage of time. if the electrolyte fluids dry out it may stop functioning altogether. In case, customers cannot ascertain the battery level themselves, then professional help is recommended. Safefix’s automatic gate repair and maintenance service is an affordable option for customer’s looking to get a battery check done.

  1. Lubrication-

Lubrication is an excellent means of preventing your machinery from drying out due to excess wear and tear. The hinges and the chains of the gate must be regularly greased to ensure they are in perfect working condition. There are grease guns available in the market that can help customers apply the lubricant on the hinges and the chains efficiently.

  1. Full check-up-

It is a brilliant move if you intend to dismantle the motor and give it a tune-up frequently. Motor challenges become frequent due to lack of maintenance and cleaning. Customers may discover dust and vermin or insect activity to often disrupted their gate’s motor function. Once cleaned, give the motor a quick check for cracks, gear faults and wear and tear.

  1. Service interrupt-

Some customers have a nasty habit of switching the gate off mid-operation. This should be strictly prevented as randomly switching off the equipment can wear down the motor. It is not configured to stop randomly in the middle of performing. Power outages that cause such challenges may be an exception. Do not force the gate to close if the power outage has halted it mid-way.

Exercising caution in these matters can not only guarantee that your gate functions excellently but also ensure the longevity of the same is extended over a reasonable period. Safefix’s automated security gate installation and electric gate repair services are available in the UK reasonable prices.