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Home security and commercial security is always a high priority to most home or business owners. As one of the most important decisions to make, it is also one of the most confusing! With such an array of products available today, just deciding on the right type of gate, is enough to give anyone a headache! Is a swing gate better, or a sliding gate? The list of choices goes on, and that's before the thought of door entry systems, has even come about!

So, if you're not sure which way to turn, then turn to us. We will be happy to advise you. We can suggest the best way to move forward, as well as which type of gates are most suitable for your available space, by doing a FREE survey

Safeyard Security are experienced and qualified gate installers, working in the London area. Supplying and installing reliable security systems to both domestic and commercial clients. Our products include, but not limited to a wide range of swing or sliding gates, and access control, from brands such as came, bft, faac, nice, gliderol and fadini, to name a few.

Site conditions and safety

It is a legal requirement, to install all automated gates with safety devices. Therefore, good knowledge of safety issues is necessary.

When installing a gate, the ground should ideally be level throughout the distance of the gate. This will give a good foundation for the installation, and help to balance the gate correctly. At the same time, it will prevent any possible access by an intruder. The gap under the gate should not be more than 100mm. If this is not possible, further safety devices are likely to be required for safe gate operation.

The gap under the gate should not be more than 100mm. If however, this is not possible, then in order to ensure  safe gate operation, further safety devices are likely to be required.

Safety requirements for gates may include some of the following:

  • Safety edges - to reduce the risk of impact or shearing
  • Infrared photocell beams
  • Obstacle detection, and force limitation safety systems
  • Induction ground loop detectors

Method of entry and exit

There are a large variety of access control systems available. The degree of security provided by the gate will generally depend on the method used. This, of course, will also have an impact on the safety requirements of the gate.

Our experienced engineers are on hand to advise on the best system to suit your specifications. To read about the various access control options, please click here

Existing Gates

Automating manual gates is possible, although modification may be required in some cases. With gates installed before the 1998 legislation, this is particularly likely.

In order to determine the suitability, we will need to carry out a site survey to inspect your gate.

If your gates show any of the following signs, modification is required

  • Piers not upright or parallel to each other - possible ground movement
  • Structural deterioration - e.g. soft or crumbling bricks and mortar
  • Past impact to gates  - e.g. if a vehicle has crashed into them
  • Cracks at the base of the brick  - often indicating ground or structural movement of the foundations