Regular gate service & maintenance helps avoid costly gate repairs further down the line and gives you a reliable gate service.

Regular maintenance for your automated gate system

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Would you like a reliable gate service?

For homeowners and business premises alike, security is vital. It is likely that you will invest a fair amount of money, in order to have the best you can afford. Overall, quality metal gates, gate automation, and access control don't come cheap. So looking after your investment makes a lot of sense. After all, you will want a system that you can rely on, on a daily basis.

In order to do this, it is necessary to look after your system with regular service and maintenance. This way, it is more likely to look after you, as well as avoiding costly gate repair bills for you, further down the line.

 One-off Service

You can book a one-off service for your electric gates anytime.  Just call the office on 0208 453 0999 or 0800 024  8899  to arrange a convenient time.

What your service will include:

  • All safety devices tested
  • Pressure testing of safety edges
  • Lubrication of all mechanical parts & oil checks
  • Electrical connections checked
  • Testing of the isolator switch
  • Checking of the gate alignment, hinges & rollers
  • Testing of the manual override, & if customer has a key
  • Control unit – to check connections & also to clean it
  • Safety beam - to check good operation & also to clean it
  • Control unit – to check connections & also to clean it
  • Radio remote  -to check good operation
  • To Check welding on gate hinges, brackets or shoes
  • Removal of safety photocell covers – to check connections & also to clean
  • Component box seals - to check all seals
  • Control devices - checked to not be outside any potential hazard zone
  • Sliding gate – to check track & also to clean it

Service & Maintenance Agreement

Safeyard Security offers three main service and maintenance packages. In addition to this, we offer a custom package, designed specifically for you.
So, whatever your choice, we guarantee to save you time and money.

Signing on the dotted line will give you:

  • A more reliable system because it has been regularly serviced
  • An emergency release system that works properly
  • Fault finding
  • Call out priority over non- contract customers ( If you have call outs included )
  • Advanced booking for your services at time of contract for the year 
  • All labour costs fixed and paid in advance ( you only pay for any parts required)
  • All-important Peace of mind